Italian immigrants homemade bomb intended to attack the kindergarten was arrested

  BEIJING, March 19 Xinhua News Agency reported that the European Union, a few days ago, Italian police according to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) counterterrorism communications, in the city of Viterbo arrested a 24-year-old Latvian immigrant man, and the man's home found a variety of materials to make explosives。
Currently, possession of explosives to the police, suspected of terrorist attacks, the man arrested。
  According to reports, the FBI in Internet statements involving terrorism screening in an Italian man often on the Internet for terrorist attacks thumbs up, and spread terrorist attack remarks。 The United States believes that the person involved and very dangerous tendency of terrorist attacks, then briefed the Italian police。
  Italian police found in the survey, October 31, 2017, occurred near the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan US truck pedestrian collision, resulting in eight deaths after the incident, the suspect was from the terrorist attack that end point event sponsored by Viagra。 At the same time, men are still involved in Internet publishing photos Manhattan terrorist attack suspects Saibo Fu, and the drying out of the Internet potassium nitrate and other explosives manufacturing materials, and threatened to attack the nursery。
  It is reported that the men involved are unemployed before his arrest, the man was withdrawn, as partners with the computer all day, indulge in social networks。 When police searched his home, seized a large quantity of explosives manufacturing raw materials, electronic detonating device, and a rifle, two air guns, rounds of ammunition。
  At present, the police have not yet found the suspects with the Islamic terrorist organization or any link state-owned。 The case police are doing further investigation。