.But to take the opportunity to find their own way back to the world, and in this strange world some ability to protect themselves.

  He was alone in an awkward position, which is too small physique emaciated, no sense of security.Let alone find a way home, it is that we can not live on here do not know.
  Zhang multi frowning, some regret to see the space, those books.If you do not see myself not to take the test to test the cornerstone.
  Alas, the original sense of feeling better the past few days, paying attention is very comfortable.That is the reason Gong practitioners, who knows even a spiritual roots are not, it is the general qualification, even if only to keep fit practicing it.
  Well, I want to go there several martial exercises, what are the large-scale cooperation, brave invincible like, it must be as physically strong, the Titanic of suitable talent.
  Well, how do ah?Themselves stuck here every day, even the doors are not out.
  Zhang Ji Ling a multi-hit, since the discovery of practicing hopeless, restless heart has been full of apprehension, not knowing which way to go.
  How to ensure their own safety to live?Although there may be danger hiding in space, you can not never come out, if it is found space may die faster.
  This anxiety made him some real or imagined, of a sudden I did not know what to do.
  ”Master, Master, you