Bai Qingqing yet from slow to God, the heart pounded.And when she heard the headphones came interlude sound, she mixed feelings may not know what to do.

  The familiar song, the familiar melody, familiar voice.
  Strong pressure heart of “surging waves”, Bai Qingqing pretending calmly said: “This song is good to hear.”
  ”I wrote the song for the fans, the words written in very good shape.”Su mirror face filled with a smile, saying she points into the play page, slide the screen looked at in making the list, intentionally leaned Bai Qingqing,” However, this lyricist’s name is actually a bit mean, with the same name as you do, you say It is not very fate.”
  Bai Qingqing eyebrows jump, when glimpsed “lyrics” behind the name of these two words could not help swallow a mouthful of saliva.
  She is preparing to say something, driver master rough deep voice was heard at this time, interrupted if she was about to exit.
  ”Su, read sister, to the airport.”
  To well as more clever.
  ”it is good.”Su mirror wearing black masks and sunglasses, opened the door to step out of the car.
  ”Master appreciate master.”Bai Qingqing pull the door, carries the package with the study in the Soviet Union behind the mirror and Zhang went to the airport.
  Airport fact, almost every time, there will always be fans come to see off the Soviet Union or the mirror