Na holding her lollipop, go out into the quilt drilled off shoes.

  The man she definitely will not be the first open bow!
  Absolutely!Correct!Do not!meeting!
  Donna waited Yu Ze first bow to apologize, and so on for a long time, until he stood at the window to eat seaweed roll, and he also depend on Donna does not exist, like a saw gourd mouth, silent.
  It does not matter, do not speak to her right, Who cares?
  Donna tightness open candy box, took out a lollipop, peel the candy wrapper into his mouth.
  Yu Ze eating seaweed roll, he turned to see is this pair of scenes, he looked fine blond book a huff, cheeks and her people, has also been holding up bulging lollipop.
  Yu Ze looked at her, feeling a kind of small animal abuse.
  ”You know you are wrong?”Yu Ze asked.
  Book refined angrily drill into bed to go, the answer is self-evident.
  Yu Ze silent sigh.
  He turned around to see the scores on the windowpane has been completed, the complex look.
  Donna quilt from the crevices secretly watching every move Yu Ze.
  She saw him photographed Stop being a hypocrite on the rear glass window, holding a cell phone into the bathroom.
  Actually I want to carry her secretly called?
  In front of the bloody witch, privacy does not exist!
  Donna opened the quilt, quietly into the bath