d to exercise every day, fighting, and consequently I am not afraid, afraid of his body, you say we will walk knock bumped it, but he and the people are really fist you come to me to fight, but he glossy, my dad’s heart when let go, afraid he will not do private body.”

  Pei Naochun also very easy-going, adding the topic: “my son, outsiders say, is the love of music, for music students, and even say anything, m北京风月网usic is his lover, Roger Garcia and I are worried about the interview, Star-house too, and listen to his agent said, as long as he entered the house, a couple of weeks does not come out all right, he’s scope of activities, that is their own home, my family, company, occasional gig, did not, I I wanted to see what he is in private life.”
  Too, to this, what aroused our interest – which involves three typical problems of contemporary parents are worried: single children do not get married, parents rush to marry; children go out to work and glossy; the more severe the modern otaku , not social tendencies, live together.
  (Do not hide rank and file, then what else ↓)

Chapter 55 after being trafficked (a)?(three)
  The long road is not flat, barren land side of the road is a little bit fields, vehicles sparsely past, shaking from time to time because of poor road conditions twice, at a time when being worn, dusty cars are passenger cars, on the roof tied with a thick rope heavy luggage, colorful, so the driver is used to open the road, and placid, very fast speed.
  Car, every seat filled, as is the coach, most people fell into a sleep, as the car bu广州桑拿mps, body collide with each other, even the most do not like contact with strangers, and now also had to endure.
  Apart from the last row is even six seats, are from left to right ahead of two separate seats, located in the middle, there is such aMiddle-aged men and women, his face full of tired, dress, temperament vaguely out of place and the people around them.
  Men who, dressed in a tunic style imitation clothes, and per