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  Then, Pei Naochun learned that such a one can be called a tragic story.
  The Pei Naochun want to enter the world, although it is fiction world, but is a real tear to the novel, called “home”, was repeatedly adapted for television, movies, cheat countless viewers to tears.
  ”Home” novel Strictly speaking, there is no clear protagonist, the background of the story set up in the city B, tells the story revolves around a series of stories happened Kurtis.
  Original body since childhood intelligence, IQ is high, in support of her parents, all the way up study, was a深圳桑拿网dmitted to the Department of Computer Science, University of B town, schools, and through the exchange of opportunity, continue to study and eventually a PhD at the University of acetic City after school to teach, became a school professor, he and his wife Yang Qiuping is understanding and exchanges in the school, graduate school after the other, then to B City University of Foreign Studies office, the two married after graduating from the body of the original Dr. , began operating their own small family.
  They are university teachers, especially the original body, in a number of scientific research achievements into productive forces have a lot of money earnings after, the couple in the city of B talent could perhaps be considered favorably, firm footing, family income, assets okay , is regarded as the middle.
  Second year o北京风月会所f marriage, Yang Qiuping gave birth to a son Pei Yuanbo original body, which is produced in the child’s favor and the whole family can look forward to – the novel with a lot of words describing, from a child still in the womb start Yang Qiuping , the two couples, is how to prepare for the things that had not superstitious people,北京夜网 in order to name, also ran a few temples, just to make smooth the child’s life.
  The novel also mentioned Pei grandmother also the earlier group of intellectuals, she was very aware of methods to get along-law, son and daughter ever