just think of the children quietly disappeared, the couple can not wait to take his own life to do mix.

  But in reality, a lot of things, sad can not rely on a change, even more sad family Pei, Pei Yuanbo still without a trace, not even a message.
  One to two and a half, the original body had to go back to work – not that he could be willing to her son, only to find the child’s expenses, much bigger than he imagined, originally quite good deposits of the two, has long been bankrupt, this is the original body Professor promising, would now be unmotivated to do what research, if any further delay, I am afraid to sell the 北京夜网house are not enough, a little Moreover, long-term stay at home Pei own grandmother, finally fell ill.
  Pei grandmother has been resentment of their own, after his son and daughter to leave the day with Peiyuan Bo toy to sleep well, she occasionally trance, would dangling in front of the house a convenience store,上海419同城对对碰 just like a back, Yuan Yuan will be able to find – in fact, even Pei grandmother could not say, always have high blood pressure, she was in a trance in the end forgot to take medicine,Can not stand still, from a wish to die, she stopped more than a month of drugs, blood pressure soaring, if not rescued in time, I am afraid that has been around forever, but this also let her from mobility, slurred speech up.
  The couple had to bow to reality, they chose to go back to the original body units continue to work, while the wife to take care of her mother, while from time to time to a person from a relatively recent development of the local advertising tracing, universities have little good, long summer vacation as long as the first-class holiday, the couple will get together, how far you can go.
  In fact, at this stage, the couple has c北京夜生活网ompletely lost confidence – went through three or four years, their own son, already a six-year-old child, the child a kind of a year, it relied on his son three years old photos, they you’ll find children?
  But th