t should, but also a mind of their own granddaughter understand.

  Its not conceal it, let the rumors fly back, not as things are now put on the table for the future of their own reputation granddaughter will be better.
  Lin Kuang-hua see old Ruan so Bushihaodai, he苏州桑拿网 speaker, “Today I’m not seven Pass village captain, but an ordinary father, and everybody knows, we Letter to Young and then Ruan little girl set the marriage, but one thing without telling us, then our family and old Ruan is a fake engagement, and now the little girl since the old Ruan well, that this marriage will naturally be drained away!”
  He made these remarks a fall, the presence of folks may have shocked, get a long time, this engagement can have a fake??
  Liu aunt eyeball a turn, quickly said, “the captain may conceal the true tight ah!”
  Lin Kuang-hua Oh smiled, “It does not matter are priorities!We also had a small girl for old Ruan’s sake, this is not published!”
  Zhou Xiuying really want to give Lin Kuang-hua two big bang on the ear.
  Things that year, although the situation is Cheng Lin family, but only if they are really old Ruan Lin to three hundred dollars, otherwise how forests would be willing to house their baby grandson engagement with a fool.
  To put it plainly, this is nothing but a transaction, money, goods finished two transactions, Lin Kuang-hua now say such a morally, it is really very shameless.
  Zhou Xiuying heart simme深圳桑拿网ring breath, but although they spend money on the one hand, their home is really relying on rain forest home kid was getting better, no doubt.
  Although she has gas, but will not senile, “Since this forested home hopes of finding another job, we like to give up two of marriage!”Who is this means that another job?Nature is self-evident.
  Fang Guyu face flashed ecstasy, this marriage was finally back, she looked up at his face Yang Lin complex book, and my heart thumped, does the book Young regret??
  Lin Yang down her book’s eyes looked in the past, standing acros