What processing methods Magnolia Magnolia Storage

Magnolia Magnolia processing method which is a very common, I believe many people have heard of, have a good help to us body, then what processing methods with Magnolia and Magnolia have to look at small series What describes the processing method!Magnolia processing method which method dried Magnolia home dry skin, skin according to the size of different thickness are stacked, turning often, as far as possible a large volume into a binocular, rolled into a small cylindrical shape, and the two saw Qi , let the dog day days in general can be dried。
Avoid the exposure or stacked on the floor directly under the skin to sunlight。
Bark was peeled off water hot rolled sweating method natural cylindrical shape, a size of a small cylindrical sleeve tube, each 3?5 cartridge nested together, the sleeve into upstanding pot pouring hot water to soften the skin when removed, stoppered with grass ends, upright corner or keg size, wet grass cover sweat。 When the inner skin surface and the cross section to be changed to brown and purple-brown oily gloss appears, remove the sleeve, separated leaflets, with a bamboo stick or distraction dried。
Steam can also be used Zenziyan soft, remove the spool, with straw bales tightly intermediate, two trimming, dried。
The sheath holder may night as "well" -shaped, drying easy。 There are five steps in which processing method Magnolia choice of materials, the selection of the appearance of a complete, unbroken tight volume, cortical thickness, length according to the requirements of volume Park, Park root or brain Park; frying, frying with the surface to Daogua lichen cortex and bolt, the knife requires moderate severity, uniform frying, shaved。 Infiltration, good scratch Magnolia upright 5 cm deep water, after a U-turn and then dip the macerating。 After maceration removed; head repair, repair moon-shaped head with a knife infiltrated repair Magnolia two flat and then with two red silk tied tight; dried, the repaired Magnolia stack horizontally to dry naturally cool dry ventilation。
Magnolia leather, leather storage Magnolia flowers are usually packed in wooden cases or baskets, put dry and ventilated place to prevent insects and mold。 Vulnerable to insects, lime should be placed in storage urn, and often view。