Yang Qiuping came to take care of each other, always regarded him as a close relationship with relatives of the child, the other very smart, after receiving a better education, performance by leaps and bounds, the original body and Yang Qiuping all kind of proud of him, give him a lot of support.

  At the same time, although she has begun to try to accept the reality, can the original body with Yang Qiuping moment did not stop, looking for his son’s pace, though all this is useless.
  Speaking of which, what happened in relation to the other end of the said Pei Yuanbo.
  Pei Yuanbo like family when the baby is big rai广州桑拿网se, looks smart, but it’s a boy, the fact that traffickers are indeed a veteran, he and his wife are traveling to the city of B, shopped attractions, in the way they Kurtis several surrounding old well check out the location area, pre-selected a few good looks of a boy, just before going to go home, a fortune.
  They Peiyuan Bo got some medicine, so she took five or six boys, was removed to a mountain to the south – although here is the mountain, the sales may Shanhuo okay, not so poor, can sell better price, and these children, all depends on the “qualifications” of money, the farther away from the original home, the less I do not know something, the more healthy they are expensive, though Pei Yuanbo three years old, can be so displaced, a point to eat bitterness, early not scared, which still remember many things, this is changing han杭州桑拿ds, at a price of twenty thousand sold.
  Buy Pei Yuanbo of that family, his family was not too bad, the couple’s problem is not beget children, there is a saying those days, the first to hold a child, the child will be able to recruit, hire if the name of the couple, on raised his thoughts, then bite the bull苏州桑拿网et out of the high price, he bought back.
  Pei Yuanbo just to hold, a naturally did not stop crying can be a long time, the children get used to the environment, he was a changed name, called Lvdong Shun, that falls unde