r the name of the family, for a long time, he forgot yuan yuan own once there is a name, just call yourself Dongshun, tell the truth, then, a few years ago, Pei Yuanbo considered in the treatment received by Shang Hao Jia – Jia although not as Kurtis conditions to be Peiyuan Bo, still regarded as thousands by Baishun, pain in my heart, after all, only on such a knee Miao Miao.

  But did not last long, Pei Yuanbo seven years old, he was indeed a “attracted a younger brother,” Lu mother successfully became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Lucy along after having a biological chil杭州桑拿洗浴d, treatment will inevitably tilt up.
  Pei Yuanbo not quite understand why his parents before him so well, now it has become so?Formerly belonged to him treats, toys, now completely out of his poi北京夜网nts, and even the home of his uncles relations, Ye Hao strange look in his eyes.
  A few years, big brother, is used to temper became a bully, he saw the world and his brother “doing battle” in his heart, his brother is more like a toy – this is Jia parents to toss out, in Lucy does not shun the governor of the time, every time as long as Peiyuan Bo did not control effort, poke hurt his brother, or holding a toy to his brother not weep Lucy along, they will reprove each other a good meal, over time, Pei Yuanbo in the heart cents brother no dignity, and even some not lift their heads.
  Later, Pei Yuanbo was overheard chatting after dinner when it comes to parents –
  ”My husband, I knew there west along, why we back then Qubao Dongshun?Also in vain he spent twenty thousand.”This is Lu mother’s voice sounded interest is not h苏州桑拿网igh,” you look, not their own children, is to have own anti-bone, East-child looked okay, grew up along the West every day provoke angry.”
  Lu father casually replied: “hold all hold, it shall not be lost, not money, anyway, possessor of chanting, so that after the West-East and a little further along, do not be led astray.”
  ”OK, I can get a good look at, let them far away.”
  Pei Yu