anbo blood almost stagnate, until that moment, he knew, that he is not a child Jia, Lu Lu father and mother did not favoritism – how can this be the favoritism it?His smile, he was not even their own children.

  He began to wonder about his parents, tried several times removed would like to inquire, the head also said that serious here patriarchal customs, habits ingrained adopt a child, a lot of people worked to buy a child, holding a child thing, he listen to people in the village say – “What Shui children, this does not do it?Students themselves are more, could not afford, or do not want to sell it, more to go!”That a lot of people gather after dinner Laoke comfortable, not like lying.
  He also heard someone in the house next door to the village hold a daughter, after showing great promise, the birth parents to find the door, you want to ask for money.One case and a sentence come to mind, but also in his young heart lay imprint: Maybe, I just sold my parents were.
  Pei Yuanbo After accepting the facts, no longer trying to get through, he chose to stay away from Lucy along, but sometimes you do not l深圳桑拿网ook for a job, things will find you, Lucy along really a skin child, the other often “Pengci” find some things parents teach him a lesson, this to prove that he was loved, he suffered a lot of grievances, there are many times that he wants for his rebuttal, but after opened his mouth and chose to remain silent – what do rebuttal?is that useful?It’s useless.
  He went to college after graduating from junior high school, learned auto repair, not how bad he read, but he wanted to learn to come out early, put the money back Jia parents, then far left, which is his age the only way to think, after graduation, he went into the garage, began to work to earn money, in early adult age, he began to fight money home every month.
  - But sometimes, fate is so wonderful, at this time, who traffickers arrested, he held back many years, are old广州桑拿网, and went to visit his son when his wife d