id not hold back, want to catch fish sailing once, years may not be the same, Justice has long arms, he was arrested and seized the records of this carry trade, the book are simple names and numbers, the sheer number of dignitaries dumbfounded.

  At this time, the original body and 广州桑拿网Yang Qiuping has accepted all of this, they are only going to live guarding each other, Pei Yuanqi admitted to the University City B, quite futile and he was a good boy, do not know the couple peace of mind, even if school no matter how busy week also did not forget to look at the two men, he knew, if not the opportunity to be the year the city received a B, he is not taught.
  On this day, Yang Qiuping at home, her body has been not very good, and later did not go to work, she received a phone call, then a policeman friend who has become a director, the other is the first received the news, he hesitantly over the phone, she said: “Qiuping.You and Naochun also say to the bureau visit it, you found a home Yuan Yuan.”
  In despair, but also hope to get is what kind of feelings?
  Yang Qiuping tightly clutching her husband’s arm, her legs were so badly, almost stand upright body, first laugh, but also sternly: “Yuan Yuan back yet?Could it be that the wrong?how can that be possible?”
  ”It must be found, he returned Yuan Yuan.”
  The couple went to the bureau, finished to understand the situation, from a friend that received the information Peiyuan南宁桑拿 Bo now, due to the Peiyuan Bo has grown, the police can only inform, not to force the other back to B city, the couple apart from anything else, took leave of absence, all the way to fly past.
  Pei Yuanbo is that from the police heard the news, he knew that he was abducted by the police and their parents understand what kind of person – that time he contracted the habit of some social gas, Dou Zheshou smoking, Lanzhu the brothers together, laugh than cry also ugly: “brother, do you hear them talking and laughing, my parents but also a university teacher?