Certainly got it wrong!”

  Kurtis Pei Yuanbo parents are found in the garage, the other being a nod to lift the car parts to repair something, wearing a light blue frock, messy hair, face, hands, many paint mark, they involuntarily blurted out: “Yuan Yuan!”And then at the same time he withdrew the words,” Dongshun.”
  Heard the cry of Peiyuan Bo drilled from under the carOut, he readily took a towel, wiped his face, laughed: “Sir, Madam, you are to repair or car wash?”
  At that moment, whether or Naochun Pei Yang Qiuping, heart would break, do not look down on them from front-line work广州桑拿网ers, can their son was 20 years old, I should have been in school carefree love talking, reading books, Imagine the future age, why it has become so?
  Yang Qiuping immediately rushed past, I do not know where’s her body has always been a bad effort, forced hugged Peiyuan Bo: “You’re not Dongshun, you’re my son, you are Pei Yuanbo!”She tears off, she refused to let go,” Yeah I’m a mom?I’m looking for you for a long time.”
  Pei Yuanbo moment is to open, but chose to return to silence pro – this is his, too curious and miss mom and dad, but also his fantasy, like other clothes leather shoes, to see him, bad days do not, not the way people.
  Original body slightly restrained emotion than his wife, his wife and other exciting finish to find the office between his son, and he said the past is the story –
  He told Peiyuan Bo, he and his wife never forgotten him, and even then lost his grandmother, before dying, have been repeatedly remembered his Where’s Yuan Yuan.
  He pulled out a backpack from a prepared thing, then there Peiyuan Bo’s favorite toy, a family of three family portrait, in recent years they are advertised everywhere, send advert杭州夜网论坛ising information to find his son.
  Pei Yuanbo see the emotion out of control – he at a young age, they have not loved, and also heard about the fact that he was not the child’s birth parents from someone else, even once, they feel that their biological p