arents, personally sold himself, for him, this love, is very extravagant, rare, he always thought he was nothing available at this moment, he found himself at least once had.

  He thought he had teeth strong heart, but at this moment, remove the psychological barriers, he agreed to the original body and Yang Qiuping advice, and together they returned to the city B.
  His room the year, has been retained – in fact he did not go live long because he was too young, most of the time, parents are sleeping with her grandmother, the toys of the past, from time to time , will be picked up Yang Qiuping rub – although Yang Qiuping know, even if their son back, would not recognize them, but she can not do anything else.
  Room closet, there are a lot of clothes, Yang Qiuping just go北京夜网论坛 shopping, will contrast with Pei Yuanqi figure, imagine now look like their own son, for him to purchase several sets, unknowingly, already packed full to the brim, even vacancies none left.
  Pei Yuanbo just come back when he is feeling unprecedented happiness – turned out to have a home of their own, this is the feeling you?He l广州桑拿网ay there in bed, or even feel that they are doing a dream.
  If all this end, this novel is a happy ending, the story continues.
  Pei Yuanbo gradually felt out of tune.
  He clearly saw Yang Qiuping and original as his exhausted into the full, Pei Yuanqi know he came back in, reducing the frequency of visits, as long as he occasionally asking an opinion, such as what do not like fish, like loose clothing , around will immediately make adjustments, be careful and this did not make him feel like part of the family, anti let him farther and farther.
  So is not it a bit hypocritical?
  Peiyuan Bo thinks regarded as a open-minded person, and he was very able to adapt to the environment, he was accustomed to compromise, concession, change themselves, that prickly way of life, more like his camouflage, he can no longer love him ada苏州夜网pt Lu family, can also be adapted from the school to the