community, but only that can not adapt to the pump because of the part of his family.

  Heard him home, Mom and Dad’s colleagues, friends, many will see him, praise him: “Young man, looked very spirit, your parents may not be easy to find you.”Then I’m concerned about studies, work, marriage, a lot of people heard his middle school, subconsciously revealing embarrassing face when learning the aftermarket, stammered, or else, they help introduce a 4S shop work, Pei Yuanbo can feel, he let others embarrassing.
  Mom and Dad often talk about at the dinner table some social issues, the TV From time to time to see what more international news, newspapers and magazines placed at home, what is the academic journal in English, but he.All do not understand.He and his colleagues, who occasionally opened color jokes, of course, is not served, the 佛山桑拿网more they talk about social news, today it cut the man, that car accident tomorrow, what oil, gold, international leaders to visit, Who cares what they thing?Compared to academic journals, he is know better repair, but he vaguely knew, to talk about these, parents will be sad.
  Spent some time at home, he was restless, want to go out to work, although the parents have said they have savings, you can Peiyuan Bo is not eating the old habits, parents want to introduce helped, he did not intend to let parents embarrassed – Please, he Dr. dad was born, his mother graduate, arranged for him to go work a college student, he also did not want to let their parents to beg.
  Of course, he is also quite in B city into a wall, it’s not that much difference in college, but many people acetic City, the relevant requirements are high, as if he had, what are the repair Wuling Hongguang, Chery QQ深圳桑拿网, to B city, from time to time there are rich people send a luxury car to refit, and all had to learn from scratch.
  In the novel, Peiyuan Bo and his friends on the phone, he stood on the roof, surrounded by the most ex深圳桑拿网pensive wine and smoke – He’s not used to w