hat wine to drink, smoke does not spoil a good smoke, that is such a broken life : “brother, I really feel like I do not belong here, I belong to this special What you do not know?”

  ”My parents are good people, but I was a rotten ordinary people, not trying to become, so it is going 苏州夜网to be fool had finished this life, how it became so?”He laughed drink, wine flowing down from the neck,” they help relatives raised a child, people are reading what you know?B City University, looked at me and sometimes I just think, they do not mistake it is?How can I, how can it be?”
  ”They were special efforts to be good to me, the more they can work, the more I’m uncomfortable, I do not how so?I am a hands on their own money mechanic, saved enough money to open a garage later on, did not – I do not make progress, but not for future considerations, but also do not know what science and technology, long-term look.”He lay flat on the roof, I do not know his face or tears of wine,” my life, not any family home, there are no family home, there is now, what should no more.”
  He spent the day on the outside for a long time, then bought h广州桑拿is ticket, ran – yes, he ran back to the place to come, he spoke by telephone with the original body and Yang Qiuping, saying only that they really are not used after every in the holidays, be sure to go back.
  You have to ask him whether patriotic own father and mother?I love, how can you not love them so well on their own, how can no feelings?He can, and have certainly not stay.
  After the cable directly to the novel for a decade, this looks “slovenly” in outsiders Peiyuan Bo, on the return home of the railway station, ran into a gang of traffickers rob children, he come forward, was stabbed, Spring Festival travel peak period , and so was taken to the hospital, did not have the gas, the three-year-old age, life painted on the sentence, he was finally back to his parents and so on, they again lost to the Yuan Yuan.
  In his son’s death, Yang Qiuping origin