al body and have been a huge blow, if not both still misses the old Pei Yuanqi estimated sooner or later an accident, dying, except Pei Yuanqi to the separation of a small amount of money, and the rest of their deposits all donated to the cause of anti-trafficking.

  ”I arrived and ah.”The driver stopped the car and shouted impatiently, this old-fashioned coach, is no station reported speech, depends on a mouth roar, everyone will routinely driver shouted together, and then make sure no one get off go awap.
  ”Yes, we want to do next.”Ya杭州夜网论坛ng Qiuping has been looking for, she raised her hand.
  The driver snappily: “There is deft on the next point, did not wait to see it open?”
  ”This is the next.”Pei Naochun first, and scored luggage, two couples with small things, so a small bag, they hurried out of the car, and that buses have been launched, too fast, a land of mud splashing up, get to the pants, can neither he nor his wife have no intention to cover this.

Chapter 56 after being abducted (d)?(Seven)
  The village is located lindai?A mountainous county of the province, here rich products, production of mushrooms, pheasant and other little-known country, these operations alone, but also in this village eight miles regarded as a wealthy village, from the village in the past, out of rich people usually money back point, at least in the village, the road is fairly flat, ther南宁夜网e is no surrounding buildings too old.
  ”Dongshun, are you doing it?”Summer vacation, village children nobody beam, usually in twos and threes Sahuan style play, if the family has a computer, it touches will stay at home, he gained just a point to eat snacks, pocket money and he took out swinging, going to Popsicle buy back, not to the grocery store, they saw their own friends Lvdong Shun lying on the riverside on the ground, he pulled the other one, “today dead heat, and you have to lay it on this earth?”
  Cub heart admire, this kind of weather, if it is to let him lie in the slope, perhaps you have a