s from him is Nguyen rain, even if the party Guyu from the city to the girl, has to admit, her little cousin is an excellent student, in vain the net net little face, pear vortex smile, she stood a girl’s point of view but also boast good looks picturesque tender and a l杭州夜网论坛ittle girl.

  Not work!Absolutely not!
  Fang Guyu immediately said, “Young book, you are so good, rain.But the rain and others have had intimate relations, she.She do not deserve you!”
  ”Guyu’re right, we can do this at home forests skittish woman, and not that silly three years, please come home who is a living ancestor, we can not afford to happen in this forested home wife!”
  Said this is the message at home has not wait until Granny Lin.
  listenTo this, Zhou Xiuying had a gas down Yang Mu, greeted with sickle hands of the old woman who go out into the forest to beat, “Lin Yuzhen, you son of a bitch, then Lin and Ruan engagement of our time, but received three hundred dollars, and now we’re old Ruan also agreed to break off an engagement, you have rain ruin our family’s reputation, his aging mother to tear your mouth!”
  苏州夜网Sickle to be strong, and greeting in the human body, burning pain, Granny Lin hide side edge sneer, “how, I am wrong, you old Ruan girl called yesterday did not go was touched??I did not tell people kiss children??This disloyal woman, white to us we do not!”Paused, facing Yang Lin book, snapped,” Young book, you go, girl said to go and Ruan break off an engagement, we despise this forested home disloyal woman!”
  Own son is so graciously look, she really despise this old woman.
  Treat women exercise disloyal, what good polite!
  Granny Lin and Fang Guyu this force, Lin Yang immediately thought of the book yesterday Nguyen rain to get up from the river inside, fit curve does not say, but also go against the pro-mouth to sing that strange man.
  Lin Yang, the book was a kind person with a green hat feeling.
  His mind was a trace complex also dissipated clean, facing rain, Nguyen said: “W