Overseas Chinese girls marrying strange sound good student jumped to denounce China

June 14 power May 8, 2017, in the Westfield Brisbane parking lot, a Chinese woman jump to jump from the top, 23-year-old young lives end there。
The woman named Guo Weiting, a year away from marrying Australia。
After investigation, the Australian police concluded suicide。
Left behind when he died Guo Weiting such a micro letter: "In this world, I hope you can forgive me, do not want to give anyone trouble the。
Do not know how to live through thick and thin, to be honest man, with you playing (say) too many lies, guilty, life in the luck to live, not to use it。 "It has been falls in the parking lot saw her wandering alone。 When the police asked, she said the police a false name, and explain where to eat。
Father Guo believes that Xie Feng one did not behave as they did before the media love to take care of her daughter, she even serious discrimination。
Guo father mentioned her daughter Guo Weiting's lifetime friends, good sound LIU Ya-ting Chinese students also come out in solidarity Guowei Ting's father。 LIU Ya-ting is also drying out before Guowei Ting chats, both the news came out, sparked discussion of domestic users, many users are also Guowei Ting with relatives and friends of the same opinion, I do not believe that this girl would choose to end their lives。
Xie Weiting former colleague of suicide very much in doubt, and friends do not let parents see the dead bodies of the deceased regarding the deceased husband, Editor: Fan Fei, Lu Po。