heat stroke, their own small partner really rugged.

  ”.It’s nothing.”Lv Dongshun homeopathic pulled up friends, he sat there at the moment is already sweating, dark, laugh only that the teeth are white,” I like on the outside.”
  He did not say the truth, in a small heart, has been a family scandal linen ideas can not – well, saying this only be regarded as a red swollen face fat, so how scandalous it?He hid outside, just because a home West-nose on the ground and his eyes not talk back, lying on the ground to make trouble, he knew he was an outsider, I do not want to embarrass my parents.
  Gained a北京体验网 sense of obligation to the child, he sat down and watched a friend, did not hold back and asked: “your home and losing his temper West-up?”
  ”..”Lv Dongshun moment did not say anything, he was silent for a long time,” no.”
  ”You also.”Cub sighed, Jia-two guy in the village out of the name, and is playing a small cub Dongshun to play with, he was very confused, east along so good, why Lvshu Shu, Lu aunt suddenly hurt he, and later, when his parents chat while listening to a vague sigh and said some words, my heart would have guessed the whole story, but it is West-handed.
  Lvdong Shun did not say a word, he had been accustomed to, if it is in the West-born that year, he estimated will lie on the ground very much love to cry, and parents to Sapo trouble, why do you say only hurt his brother, But now he has got it inside and an out深圳桑拿side, there is always a difference.
  Cub wiped the sweat, he took along the East: “Go, I ask you to drink!”He had little pocket money, but still can afford,” Do not happy.”He was young, in fact do not understand, this is not natural birth are not so critical.
  ”No need to.”East along the Tuiju, before my brother was born, he is pocket money, and later my mother a few times, his brother obviously does not know what’s the use of money, but it will kick off the tears, he have to give money to him for the job a long time, that he would not take pocket