money from parents.

  ”Nothing, I invite you to eat popsicles.”Cub know East liking knot, Paizhuoxiongtang, the village grocery store fifty cents a popsicles, fruit-flavored, very sweet.
  ”After you also.”Lvdong Shun agreed, he would occasionally pick up some of the bottles around schools, cardboard, 杭州桑拿money can be a selling point, it touches have on.
  The village children, all of them are long distance swimmers, physical strength, speed, leg go out into the pediment, no one will to the grocery store, ice cream snowman gained buy is your point, then east along a mango flavored popsicles, they lick the sid苏州桑拿网e while walking, a rare happy, gained pulled Dongshun to go home to, he knows the situation Dongshun home, if he does not pull, Dongshun can stay asleep on the outside, there is a last year back east along too, ran outside in a daze, under a heavy rain, Lu family, he forgot he was not home, so he ran back, has made a high fever, almost did not get sick.
  ”Dongshun, How about you find your mother!”Far, village Lvsan Shu passing, he had just come out from home, just heard my mother shouting Dongshun Lu’s name, it is also a word Shunpian Dai.
  ”Well, I’ll go back.”Lv Dongshun busy crashed,” gained, I will go home.”He waved his hand, quickly ran towards the direction of home, this has not forgotten quickly resolve Popsicle, so that in case of home West-see, is a sumNobody knows for sure.
  ”OK, you go.”Gained far behind in watching, sigh, 深圳桑拿网he sometimes also think that if the East-birth parents can come to take him away can be more than good, Jia parents do not want to raise Dongshun, he listens to East-read for a while, that they want to work out earlier, the results can obviously not bad Dongshun.Erni nearby village that house, is a precedent, Erni learned that he was not natural, back to the next village, looking for their own real mother, was almost sold the second time, in case Dongshun biological parents also like people do?At least for now, fairly decent day.
  Lv Dongs