Dietary considerations kidney stones kidney stones should eat what

[Materials] Jin Haisha 15G, 2 g of green tea。 [Method] Jin Haisha to remove impurities, and purple tea together into the cup, just boiled with boiling water, cover cap, for 15 minutes。 [Effect] Qingreliangxue fossil。 Patients suitable for hematuria purple, painful urination full of anxious, have hot and humid。 [Directions] behalf of the tea, daily drink frequently。
4, peanut broth Lin [materials] jumpsuit peanut, lotus seed jumpsuit each 30G, the amount of sugar。
[Method] lotus with warm water for a half hour, to peel lotus added peanut stew melted, add sugar。
[Effect] heat and cooling, fossil dampness。 Suitable for urinary astringent, blood in the urine of patients。 [Directions] for taking snacks several times a day。
5, the powder [materials] 500 g Gallus gallus。
Kidney stones should eat what [Method] Gallus gallus domesticus fresh clean dry selenium with a slow fire roasted, ground into powder, can be filled into capsules。 [Effect] diuretic niter。 Suitable for sand pouring, Shilin patients。
[Dosage] 3 times / d, was 5g / times, for taking。
Kidney stones dietary considerations。