The United States for the first time in 12 years of international students studying in the United States is not the first drop in the US?

Institute of International Education in September 2017, together with other nine Education Association in October of another survey conducted by 500 US colleges and universities showed that international students absorb the slowdown trend 2017-2018 school year, US colleges and universities continue to appear, and the number of new students appear further 7% decline。
The number of international non-famous university students decreased significantly according to the annual report of the American Institute of International Education, 2016-2017 school year, American International College in the total number of students is about 108 million, an increase of only 3%, with an increase of 7% in previous years to 10% compared significant slowdown。
Report survey project leader, Rijeka-class Daliboshi Institute of International Education, research director interview with this reporter, said the current number of American universities while being concerned for international students to the United States to study diminished enthusiasm, many colleges and universities that the US domestic socio-political factors, for example, is affecting visa policy and campus security status of international students studying decision。 American higher education sector intensified concern is that studies have shown that from 2017 to 2018 academic year for international students to the United States will continue to cool the enthusiasm。
6 American Association for Higher Education in 2017 have jointly conducted a survey of 250 colleges and universities across the United States, the fall of 2017 to measure the application of international student enrollment situation。 The results showed that 39% of respondents indicate the number of colleges and universities to apply for international students has declined, while the rise in college applications only 35%, 26%, said the university did not change significantly。 The year 2016, China and India, two countries the United States the total number of international students comprise 47% of students, but the survey showed that 25% of respondents expressed the United States in 2017 from Chinese universities undergraduate students enrolled decrease the number of applications, 26% of respondents expressed universities from India students of undergraduate student applications drop。 Bhandari told reporters, different regions, different types of situations encountered in college is not exactly the same as the current, such as colleges and Universities in the Midwest, Texas and other states, the international students' enthusiasm "low tide" trend reflects the more obvious。
At the same time, concerns about non-famous universities for international student numbers decline more strongly。
According to reports, the total number of international students enrolled every year in autumn 2017 for the University of Iowa 3564, while school enrollment in mid-2015, there are 4,100 international students。
Autumn 2016, the University of Missouri has 2638 international students enrolled, but only 944 in mid-autumn 2017。 Political Ecology and the security situation in America affect the enthusiasm of American higher education community generally believes that the current US political strife continued ecology and public opinion affect the enthusiasm of international students studying in the United States。
CEO of the American Association of International Educators, former US State Department Assistant Secretary of State Esther Brimmer that the international students' families generally noted the US series, such as the US government launched a travel ban。
Students from the travel ban list of countries to be included may find that after going abroad to participate in academic conferences or home leave they can not re-enter the United States, estimated at approximately thousand students will be directly affected by the ban。 Greater concern of potential students is that a series of new policy and public debate reflects American attitudes toward international students with Change – July 2017, even once the news broke, the US Department of Homeland Security is considering the introduction of new regulations, asked the United States to re-read international students each year apply for a visa。
President of the United States Wheaton College Dennis Hanno had written that in the "Washington Post" Web site, "Our political climate is the problem."。
Hanno pointed to his own experience, for example, the current US public opinion storm continued, is to allow more international students will look elsewhere。
Wheaton College in mid-2017 has launched a student design specifically for the war-torn country scholarships, and when considering issuing focused on students from countries were included in the travel ban。 The move caused widespread support in the United States liberal, but sparked outrage in the conservative, even many alumni, donors also clearly expressed their opposition to come forward。
Shootings American society becomes more frequent, hate speech, also is thought to affect international students choose。
Earlier in mid-2017, an Indian engineer was shot dead in Kansas City, the case has been discovered principal perpetrators are motivated by racial hatred。 Has caused widespread concern in India, the Indian Embassy was also involved in。 In college it seems, a similar incident affected the enthusiasm of Indian students studying in the United States。
Oregon's Portland State University, 2017, the number of Indian students applying for a 37% reduction。
Wim Vivier school principal after the visit Hyderabad in southern India is the number of bits to meet Indian students enrolled in the school, said the parents of these students in the general concerns about the security situation of children in the United States。 At the same time, in terms of attracting foreign students, the University of countries has intensified competition。
According to the US channel NBC reported that the current attractiveness of Canadian Universities for international students significantly improved, the number of international students applying for the University of Toronto increased by 20%, the number of international students applying for Wilfred Laurier University increased by 32%。
Analysts believe that more students choose the latter between the United States and Canada universities, the latter due to the lower cost of schooling。
Statistics show that international students attending undergraduate tuition averaged $ 17,264 a year at public universities in Canada, the United States is $ 24930。 In fact, more American students but also because of the cost factor in choosing to study abroad。 By 2016, more than 320,000 American students choose to go abroad to study for a degree, an increase of 4 percent over the previous year。 Since the US Open university educators worry and competitiveness damaged by mid-2006, the United States internationalization of higher education experienced a golden period, the number of international students increased by 85%。
Because of rapid growth have been accustomed to in previous years, the current downward trend of international students in American enthusiasm aroused widespread concern in the US higher education sector。 That many of them consider the economic level。
According to the US Department of Commerce 2016 annual earnings bring international students to the United States reached $ 39 billion, including tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses, etc.。 About two-thirds of international students in reading obtain funding from outside the United States to learn life。
Specific to the economic benefits of each of the universities, international student enrollment also bring significant。
Chancellor of the University of California, Los Angeles Jean Bullock had recently admitted students outside California pay high tuition fees so that schools have enough money to provide more educational programs, and thus bring benefits to all students。
"The US to attract international students is a measure of US international role of barometer。 "The US State Department senior adviser Rick Ruth had said so in public events。 Currently, American universities are worried about the political environment in the United States the rise of isolationism, and will gradually affect the openness and competitiveness of the University of。 Harvard professor Joseph Nye recently wrote a long article, the current rise of populism in American society, which is closer to the demands of the history of anti-immigration party of the 19th century and ignorance McCarthy, George Wallace version of populism, characteristic positive xenophobic and pursue from the outside world。 The United States has generally agreed that education, international students into the United States, increasing the diversity of the campus, help to create a more innovative academic environment。 Responding to the United States because of the advantages of education have been proud of being weakened, president of the American Institute of International Education Allan Goodman, after the annual report was released that "national competition for talent is intensifying, proactive contact with US universities international students are important to the United States to maintain its academic door open is crucial. "。 ( "People's Daily" (January 2, 2018 22 edition) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。