About "antihypertensive drugs" how to eat, you need to know five points!

  Hypertension is a common disease in the elderly population in our country, the current incidence rate has been close to 200 million people。
If not well controlled blood pressure, it causes complications (such as stroke, myocardial infarction, heart failure, kidney failure, etc.) greater harm, serious impact on the patient's family。 For the part of patients with hypertension: Some want to strengthen through exercise therapy – this barely still the right way, do drop in blood pressure after controlling for body fat to a certain extent, but only for low-risk patients early, but also in blood pressure and other timing detection under the premise of complications factors。
  For hypertension, most people probably only know the "lifestyle intervention" and "eat" are two ways to improve blood pressure, antihypertensive drugs but about how to eat?Under what circumstances need lifestyle interventions?……These are clear and so you really do?About how to take blood pressure medicine?You need to know these points: 1, after the diagnosis of hypertension need to start medication immediately it?No。 According to "China Hypertension Prevention Guide" shows: For the "medium risk" and "low-risk" in some patients, is the premise monitoring of blood pressure and risk factors, medication temporarily perform only lifestyle intervention。
Please specific degree of illness based on "blood pressure" and "other cardiovascular factors" to determine their own not sure to follow the doctor's recommendations。 Tip: systolic blood pressure ≥140 and (or) diastolic blood pressure ≥90mmHg, start drug therapy; systolic blood pressure<140 and (or) diastolic<90mmHg or less, continue to monitor。
Specific "lifestyle intervention" as follows: to reduce sodium intake。 Control of 6 grams per day or less amount, Eat pickled, marinated, cook food; exercise。 Week 3?Five times, each lasting about 30 minutes。 But pay attention to our capabilities, step by step, walking, jogging, tai chi, etc. can be; a balanced diet。 Cooking oil per person<To 25g / day, eat or not eat meat and animal offal, vegetables recommended daily 400?500 grams of fruit 100G, the right amount of soy or fish, milk 250 g / day。   Avoid bad habits。
Completely quit smoking and avoid passive smoking。 Limit alcohol, less than 50 ml per day of liquor, wine less than 100ml, of less than 300 ml beer 2, blood pressure returned to normal, whether the withdrawal?It must not be self-withdrawal。
Kin can solemnly tell you, a fraction of patients can reduce or even withdrawal of the drug, is the need to "be taken for life", and high blood pressure can not be cured, can be well controlled with the right treatment。
Please say that high blood pressure can be cured go left to do Nobel Prize in medicine awarded。
According to "China Education Guide hypertensive patients" show: antihypertensive drugs may be reduced by 40%?50% of stroke risk; reduced by 15%?30% of the risk of myocardial infarction; 50% reduction in heart failure risk。 3, it will be dependent?will not。
High blood pressure is not a so-called "dependency" after the withdrawal, but your blood pressure without medication if it has come to that level, do not worry about dependence on medication for fear of dependence is equivalent to wear unlined jacket while in the snow。
  4, how to get scientifically credible knowledge of the treatment of high blood pressure?Please read the "China Education Guide to patients with hypertension," "Chinese Hypertension Prevention Guide", "high blood pressure medication guide rational" three guide。
Do not listen to know the guidance of "health management division" of the peace, a warm sister health structure doorstep, claiming to eat Cordyceps / propolis / Dendrobium healed information hypertension seven Regardless of eight aunt and other ways to come。 5, read above I said so much, you'll be able to eat their own medicines yet?Read the guidelines can increase the level of the patient to treatment with increased efficacy while avoiding being cheated of money swindlers, delay treatment。 Drug treatment of hypertension still needs to be performed under the guidance of professionals。 Kin reminder: the current high prevalence of hypertension in China, the majority of poor behavior prescribed in patients with high blood pressure, prevention is always better than after the occurrence of the disease to treat more economical and more effective。