Homemade beef noodle practice of the benefits of eating beef

Homemade practice face, beef noodle soup is a traditional Chinese cuisine are a lot of people like to eat, then at home you can make delicious beef noodles do small series to talk about the practice of homemade beef noodle。
Beef homemade practice approach a surface material: beef, noodles, Pixian, pickled ginger foam, oil, wine, broth, salt, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, dry, pepper, strawberry, aniseed, cinnamon, trinaphthalene , sugar, onion, chicken。 Step 1, beef cut into thick pieces, blanched in boiling water to the bloody, picked clean alternate foam。 2. Heat oil is added after Pixian, pickled ginger foam, oil saute, add beef, stir evenly wine changes in the fire。 3, into the beef casserole, soup or under water, salt, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, chili, pepper, strawberry, star anise, cinnamon, three naphthalene, sugar, onion, boil turn a small fire stew two hours, MSG can transfer all。 4, another water boil below, I used to take some basic surface, picked up into the bowl cooked, placed several pieces of beef, topped with braised beef soup, green onion into。
Of course, you can put some of their favorite vegetables。
Homemade practice practice two beef noodles Ingredients: Beef 200 grams Accessories: flour, chia seed amount, soup amount, amount, amount of salt, pepper the right amount。