Things, block chain, Big Data What is the difference?

  In the near future, the explosion of the device, there may be a hundred billion trillion could be, like such a huge network, or if the center of the network model to manage it, the data center infrastructure investment maintenance It should be no way to estimate the。   Essentially, the large data belonging to a database of small branches, so put this question boils down to relationships and databases。
Database software, in the Internet sector, the IT sector is actually a special ancient area of research, the three major achievement from the original file system to the ER model to later triggered Everyone knows the traditional database, relational model, transaction processing, query optimization until after the rise of the Internet and later prevailed NOSQL database, database technology is constantly developing, changing, it also includes XML as the representative of semi-structured, text, voice and other unstructured data processing, etc.。     Block chain relationships and databases seem such a relationship is, in fact, from the process database technology evolution, we can see that it always comes to how to meet new business needs, and then create a new data processing technology。 For example, the file system from the beginning, why do we need this model ER it is because the development of the financial sector, we fast for these accounts, and high concurrent data write access, with further demand, which led to produce entity-relationship model and the rapid development。 Why did it occur NOSQL database?Because of the rapid development of the Internet to update the database put forward higher requirements, so in essence we believe that the entire Internet is a large database。   Things are always evolving, of course, after we passed NOSQL database, cloud storage technology to solve these massive Internet real-time data processing problems, the next question certain to come, and that is how to scale way to solve the authenticity of the data and effectiveness。
  For example, it may be associated with our diet, food and clothing from the beginning, the issue of nutrition structure, to food safety issues of concern to everyone, in fact, the development of the database is the same, when we passed ER entity-relationship model, by NOSQL when the database can be a good solution to data storage and data access of these problems, we go to the next concern, it must be solved by going to the authenticity, validity issues。
  So at this stage, in order to block chain represented by these techniques, the data can not be forged real and effective, these requirements can not be tampered with, relative to the current database is concerned, is definitely a new start and new requirements。
We can clearly feel, database and block chain integration trend, in fact, is very close, can not stop, just like the movie says, content producers began to virtual reality, augmented reality, like in this direction; From the database , block chain is a new type of data organization。
We believe that the large data block chain is both unity。