Pigs most inconspicuous place, more than we nutritious bird's nest!(1)

  In daily life, when many people buy pork skin, always accustomed to Peel off。
As everyone knows, this is a great waste, pigskin can be made in addition to the delicious skin cold, but also has the effect of beauty raising capacity!  Super-rich in nutritional value, according to research, pigskin protein content of pork times, four times higher carbohydrate content than pork, while only half the fat content is pork。
  Sinews and bones effect pigskin pig skin is rich in collagen is composed of human bones and tendons can not be lack of nutrients。
Also help to strengthen the growth of the nails, hair。
    Regular moderate or eat some pig trotters contribute to aging。
  Enhance immunity pig skin is rich in protein, carbohydrates and fat, can add the necessary part of human nutrition, enhance people's immunity。
  Beauty pig rich in collagen to nourish the skin, the skin can enhance cellular uptake and store water, is not easy to dry skin wrinkle, become more smooth, rich and full。  Promoting blood circulation blood pigskin cool sweet, can be blood to stop bleeding, shiny hair, moisturize the skin, blood tonic。
  Vitamin B12 vitamin deficiency if the body, it is easy to memory loss, look dull, unresponsive and other mental or psychological defects, while pigskin is a very good source of vitamin B12。
  Such super-nutritious eating pigskin pigskin variety of practices, we now introduce a delicious and delicious way。  Crystal frozen pigskin pigskin 500 grams, the amount of onions, ginger amount of salt amount, the amount of star anise, cinnamon amount, the amount of fruit grass。
  1, pigskin soaked with water in advance, scrape the surface of the pig and impurities; 2, the pig into the pot, boiling water, boiled ten minutes; washed with warm water to remove, the pigskin surface and a knife scraped off the back of the lard, wash with warm water; 3, changing the water to boil, the pig was again placed, boil, remove and wash again scraper, washed。Pig lard until all measured clean cut; 4, the pig skin was cut into 5 mm wide width section。
Wash, dry moisture。
The pigskin put the pot, add plenty of water, the pot boil, skim foam, add onion ginger; prepare sauces, onions and cut into sections, ginger slices, star anise fruit Gui fur boxing; 5, boiling down to pigskin soft rot, soup with a sticky sensation。
Frozen pig to be cool, which was placed in a container, cooled and solidified to wait until。  Assorted frozen pigskin pigskin 500 grams, 50 grams of green beans, 50 grams of corn, 50 g carrots tablets and concentrated amount Po, MSG, Salt。  As shown in FIG. 1, the pig clean shave the hair, the pot boiling water for three minutes picked up; 2, another pot, the pig into the pot, and Po was concentrated, added water two or three times, simmer for 40 minutes to until the pigskin Shulan, diced and picked up stand; 3, the boiling water into the pot with carrot corn beans, boiled and picked up a little hot; 4, all of the materials together poured after 10 minutes, the boiled soup flameout; 5, the pig and good boiled vegetable soup into the box, and butoxy, and cool down after shaping into the refrigerator; eject the molded frozen sections loading pigskin。