How to prevent sciatica?

Sciatica patients must treat as early as possible, otherwise it might soles of the feet or ankles weakness, sensory disturbances, local muscle atrophy, the most serious consequence is that the nerve root necrosis, potentially causing paralysis and other serious sequelae。
Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of sciatica, usually divided into stagnation syndrome, cold and dampness, kidney and other three categories, including, blood stasis patients have history of trauma, injury after sense waist can not activities, pain, spine scoliosis, more than a fixed point tenderness, and lower extremity radiation, increased symptoms when coughing。
When the wind musculoskeletal patients have no history of trauma, patients can not tell the cause of the disease, but will gradually feel the waist and legs Ministry of heavy pain, and gradually increase the adverse Zhuance, paraspinal tenderness or radiation to the lower limbs, experiencing symptoms weather changes worse, is too hot symptoms。Kidney patients known deficiencies, loss of kidney essence, meridians dystrophy, resulting in leg pain, acid re-weakness, lingering a few years, when light weight, symptoms, kidney divided deficiency, kidney, patients with deficiency there aversion to cold, his face floating white, urine remaining after Lek, kidney patients with dizziness, tinnitus, facial flushing, dry mouth and throat, five upset hot。Five prevent the burden of the precautionary principle to relieve sciatica remember five principles: physical activity must be some restraint, avoid long standing or sedentary, sitting not more than forty minutes at work, sitting for a long time should be up and move around。To correct posture: body weight should be placed on the hips, and not on the caudal, Alice feet usually do not, because Alice his legs meant sitting at the side of ass, big pressure on the side of the body。Car seat adjustment: When most people drive, the back seats are stressed too, caused great back pressure。Reduce lumbar pressure: It is recommended to people on the lower leg on a chair or a table, then the body lying on the floor, knees, hips should remain bent at right angles so as to reduce the pressure of the lumbar spine。
Piriformis stretch: piriformis located below the gluteal intramuscular, starting around the second to fourth sacral hole fiber concentration goes out, is stopped at the inner edge of the greater trochanter, and sciatic nerve from the lower edge of the piriformis through the middle accounted for about ninety percent, if this muscle inflammation, swelling, tightening, likely will affect the sciatic nerve, therefore, it is necessary to stretch the piriformis。Sciatica treatment in addition to rely on physicians, patients themselves with is also important, such as standing, sitting, sleeping, moving things posture, they have to develop the correct posture from lives。In addition, usually it should keep warm, avoid wind, cold, wet and other evils invasion, but also to prevent colds, because coughing, sneezing easy to aggravate the symptoms。
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