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Kidney protection is key for young men

Kidney protection is key for young men

Kidney protection is key for young men

Renal deficiencies, most patients have symptoms such as malaise, backache and backache, physical weakness, poor sleep (including insomnia, dreaminess, drowsiness), and sexual dysfunction.

When the kidney is yin deficiency, there are symptoms of nocturnal emission, excessive urine output or urine such as grease, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. In severe cases, there are deafness, dry mouth, night sweats, low fever, redness, heart, foot, and heart heat.

Kidney yang deficiency has backache and backache, loss of libido, ejaculation, premature ejaculation, impotence and so on.

  There are many factors that cause kidney deficiency, but the common cause is too frequent sexual intercourse, and the omission is caused by inexhaustibility.

The frequency of intercourse varies from person to person.

First of all, it is appropriate to have a good body and feel comfortable the next day after the intercourse.

From the perspective of age, young couples 2-3 times a week, middle-aged couples 1-2 times are appropriate.

  There are many foods that have kidney effect, the most feasible and economical one is sheep back bone soup.

Wash and cook the lamb’s back bone for two hours, and add the onion ginger sauce as the soup.

If the kidney is weak, weak, and debilitated, those with low back pain can chop the lamb’s spine, add Chinese medicine Cistanche 30 g, silk 1-3 g (wrapped in a cloth), add water and fry, and add juice after 2-3 hours.The rice is boiled into porridge and seasoned with seasonings.

Sheep kidney also has side effects in treating low back pain caused by kidney deficiency, weak feet and knees, impotence and impotence.