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Low protein diet affects male libido

Low protein diet affects male libido

Low protein diet affects male libido

Older men and men who eat vegetarian food have been warned by the medical community that a low-protein diet can affect their progressive sexual desire.

   According to foreign news reports, researchers said that people who do not eat enough protein will reduce the risk of testosterone, which will lead to reduced sexual function, at the same time reduce muscles, reduce red blood cells, and damage bones.

People who do not eat meat are particularly dangerous because animal foods are the best source of high biological value proteins.

Vegetarians and strict vegetarians choose not to eat animal foods, and the elderly have lost much of their meat because they have lost appetite and the difficulty of chewing.

   Researchers have found that a low-protein diet leads to an increase in the sex hormone binder hemoglobin in the elderly, which reduces the effectiveness of insulin pill hormones.

Researchers surveyed the blood cells of 1,552 men between the ages of 40 and 70, and found that protein and fiber intake were closely related to levels of sexual hormones.