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[Delicious home cooking]_ eat without fire _ how to eat

[Delicious home cooking]_ eat without fire _ how to eat

[Delicious home cooking]_ eat without fire _ how to eat

Every autumn and winter season, because the weather is relatively dry, some people are prone to get angry. At this time, pay attention to drink plenty of water, maintain a good attitude, pay attention to bed early and get up early, try not to stay up late, try to eat as much as possibleDon’t eat some greasy foods, you can eat some foods that have the effect of removing fire, let’s take a look at some kinds of home-cooked dishes that are not delicious.

Astragalus boiled fish Ingredients: grass carp 700 g bean sprouts 50 g; auxiliary materials: lettuce amount of astragalus 20 g wolfberry 10 chives 1 ginger 1 egg 1 starch 3 teaspoons pepper 1 teaspoon salt pepper amount chicken essence amount dried pepper 6Steps: 1.

Prepare the ingredients, in which astragalus and wolfberry are soaked in boiling water for 5 minutes and the filter residue is reserved. The water after foaming is reserved for use. Eggs are collected from egg whites and dried peppers are cut into sections.


Remove the bones and meat from the middle section of the fish, cut into thin slices, and wash repeatedly with water until the water is clear, then marinate with salt, pepper, and egg whites for 10 minutes, put in 3 teaspoons of starch, and scrape them for later use.


Put oil in the pan, stir-fry the ginger and green onions, add the fish bones and stir well, then pour the water containing the astragalus into the boil and boil for 10 minutes.


Add salt to the cooked soup, season with pepper, and add sprouts to cook.

When cooked, lift up and place in a bowl with lettuce leaves.


Turn on high heat, sandwich the pickled fish into the pot piece by piece, change the color and remove it from the bean sprouts, and pour the filtered impurities into the bowl.


Put the oil in another pot and boil the oil until a little green smoke comes out. Put the pepper and dried chili segments and stir fry a few times, then pour them with the oil on the fillet. Screw the cucumber and horn flower ingredients.: 150 grams of small cucumbers, 100 grams of squid horns.

Accessories: 20 grams of garlic slices, 25 grams of millet peppers, 10 grams of cooking wine, a small amount of[onion ginger].

Seasoning: Rimba green mustard spicy 15 grams, Rimba fishing mixed sauce 30 grams, Rimba spicy fresh 15 grams.

Production process: 1. Wash the zucchini, peel it, cut it into a screw shape with a screwdriver, and chill it for later use. 2. Boil the onion, ginger, cooking wine and boil water, and lift the squid and croissant., Chilled and ready for use; 3. garnish the processed screw cucumbers and croissants, and then add the Rimba mustard, Rimba pick up juice, mix the Rimba freshness into a dipping sauce, and match the dish and plate.

Features: This dish has outstanding hot and sour taste, refreshing but not greasy, bright color matching, beautiful and unique shape