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Ovarian cancer is the first cancer of gynecological death!

Ovarian cancer is the first cancer of gynecological death!


It is recommended that women must watch!

Ovarian cancer is the first cancer of gynecological death!
It is recommended that women must watch!

Modern women must be a housewife inside, but also a workplace elite. The woman now truly interprets what is called a woman’s top half.

This situation leads to the worsening physical condition of female friends, but the shortened working life makes women have no time to pay attention to the small problems that appear in the body, and can only endure the discomfort of the body until the big problem breaks out.

Ovarian cancer is the first cancer of gynecological death!

In the past 30 years, the 5-year survival rate of patients with ovarian cancer has not improved significantly!

The same cancer, but the 5-year survival of each cancer varies greatly.

The 5-year survival rate of female patients with thyroid cancer can reach 92.

03%, Florida’s 5-year survival rate can reach 84.

16%, but the 5-year survival rate of ovarian cancer is only 52.


The reason for the high mortality rate of ovarian cancer is related to the location of the ovary. The main reason is that the tumor is found too late.

It is recommended that people with high risk of ovarian cancer should do a related examination every year, early detection of armor and early treatment.

How do women reduce the risk of ovarian cancer?

1, eat less big fish and meat.

A large amount of feces, especially animal feces, can easily cause ovarian cancer, and women should eat less large fish, seafood and other high-fat foods.

2, breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women by nearly two-thirds. The longer the breastmilk replacement, the stronger the protective effect.

3, eat less starchy eggs.

In the plasma process, eggs produce many new biologically active decomposition products, such as oxide oxides, which are tumor triggering agents.

4, eat more carrots.

British nutritionists have found that women who eat an average of 5 carrots a week are 50% less likely to develop ovarian cancer than the average woman.

5, be wary of estrogen-containing drugs, supplements.

Ovarian cancer is associated with changes in hormone levels in women, while women often take estrogen-containing drugs, supplements, leading to excessive estrogen, elevated levels of hormones, and ovarian cancer.

6, more intake of calcium.

Women who consume enough calcium have a lower chance of having ovarian cancer. Should the daily supplement be kept at 1000?
1200 mg.

Eat more egg yolk, fish, meat, beans, cauliflower, seaweed and other foods to enhance the absorption of calcium.

7, not smokers.

Although ovarian cancer is not as closely related to lung cancer as smoking, the incidence of ovarian cancer among female smokers is 1 times higher than that of non-smoking women.

8, at least once a year gynecological examination.

In particular, if you have indigestion, abdominal disease, and menstrual disturbance, you should seek medical advice promptly.

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